Pearl Shaving - Fuchsia Handle Safety Razor

Pearl Shaving - Fuchsia Handle Double Edge Safety Razor


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Safety Razor A-141 fuchsia handle – Pearl Shaving

The PEARL A141 safety razor is perfectly designed for a perfect weight/balance ratio, resulting in a type of safety razor that is easy to hold and with which you can easily reach all corners of your face.
The handle is made of chrome-plated brass and the best quality acrylic material. Zinc head.

Its classic and modern design is impeccable and the shaving experience is always at the highest level.

Made from brass, the Pearl A141 shaver is an excellent product.
This safety razor offers an incredibly comfortable shaving experience for all skin types; normal or sensitive.

Handle length: 10cm
Weight: 80g
Type of head: closed comb (special zinc alloy)
Colour: Chrome plated brass and acrylic Fuchsia

Made in India.

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