RazoRock - Mission 3-Piece Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor


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What makes this razor so special:

  1. Machined 316L stainless steel handle, versus our competitors who give you a hollow handle that is made with lower quality material
  2. REAL & DEEP knurling on the handle, giving you a sturdy grip with wet hands.  Our competitors use a “knurl looking” pattern that does not offer the same amount of grip.
  3. SOLID WEIGHT, 3.1oz (with Bulldog handle), preventing razor skipping and jumping
  4. High quality chroming that offers a smooth and mirror finish; allows the razor to be quickly and easily cleaned
  5. SUPERIOR BALANCE!  2:1 handle-to-head weight ratio, that makes the razor easy to control and effortless to shave with

Head Material: Chromed Zinc Alloy
Handle Material: Machined 316L Stainless Steel
Handle Diameter x Length: Bulldog, 13 mm x 90 mm

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