RazoRock - Stainless Steel Hawk - Single Edge Razor - V3


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RazoRock Stainless Steel "Standard" HAWK Single-Edge Razor - v3


The RazoRock team is proud to bring you our Gen3 Hawk, fully milled from 316L marine-grade stainless steel. 

  1. Standard Plate.  Hawk which is perfect for those seeking a medium aggressive shave

This Standard Hawk is perfect for those seeking a medium aggressive shave.

Both the Hawk head and the handles are fully milled from billet and rod 316L marine-grade stainless steel. The pieces undergo a three-step, three-media mechanical polishing procedure after they are milled giving the razors a smooth tool-like finish.  Please note that our RazoRock fully milled razors are tools, not jewels and the finish is designed for function and to maintain the highest tolerances and tightest fit. The razors are not intended to be flawless.

Handle Diameter x Length:

Bulldog, 13 mm x 90 mm, ~2.8 oz weight

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