Tatara - Masamune Shave Brush - Premium Boar - Matte Handle

Tatara - Masamune Shave Brush - Premium Boar - Matte Handle


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The Premium Boar Brush has an additional exfoliant effect due to the strong hair resistance. The brush helps to clean your skin and discourages inward hairs from growing. While brushing, the hair is lifted, and the lather will get underneath, to have a pleasurable shaving experience.

The Premium Boar handle is CNC machined in AISI 303 high-grade stainless steel, hand-finished, and sandblasted.

Knot height: 50 mm
Ø Knot: 24 mm
Handle Height: 51 mm
Weight:  116 grams


This beautiful  Masamune Brush Premium Boar, made in partnership with Semogue Portugal, it's the perfect combination for the Masamune series. Likewise our razors, the brushes are in the same material and design signature. It's 24mm knot is very ergonomic due to its shape and since it's Stainless Steel, it is very maneuverable on the hand.

It lathers perfectly and the dense knot feels great on the face with plenty of backbone and very soft tips. Expect zero sheddings or hair loss, and a large amount of lather with no problem, even in very hard water.


Our brushes are made in partnership with Semogue, one of the finest brush manufacturers in the World, led by the legendary Mr. Gomes and his son. 

The handles of our brushes are in the 303 high-grade stainless steel material.

The hair from our brushes is selected and put in place in Semogue, by the hand of Mr. Gomes himself.

So, you don’t have just a beautiful product, but also a handcrafted masterpiece.


All brushes at Semogue are handmade with absolute attention to detail to ensure that any brush goes to the customer no less than perfect.

Semogue is making shaving brushes since 1954, and the business and skills passed from generation to generation. Therefore, polishing the art of making traditional brushes. Semogue is the only brush manufacturer in Portugal, and one of the few in Europe.


We make our brushes from the most exclusive materials. We use Finest Badger and Premium Boar hair as we believe those are the best choice for our brushes. 

The Brush Premium Boar has an additional exfoliant effect, which cleans your skin very well, keeping it clean and discouraging inward hair growing.

On top of that, the handles are made from the same AISI 303 stainless steel as the razor itself, so you can know it will also last a lifetime.

They are CNC machined with the same precision as the Masamune Series.

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