Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Bowl, Grapefruit, 5.3 Ounce

Taylor Of Old Bond Street

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Vital in ensuring a thorough but nonetheless pleasant shaving experience, Taylor of Old Bond Street's Shaving Cream Bowl, scented with Grapefruit, creates a rich and smooth lather that reduces both irritation and inflammation. Along with moisturizing skin, the cream softens hair and prepares it for a close shave. 

  • Paraben-free

Established in 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street started out producing and selling high-end grooming products catering to a male clientele. The heirs of Jeremiah Taylor, its founder, continued to use pure and natural ingredients as much as possible in their grooming products.

Weight: 5.3 oz (150 ml)
Made in England

NOTE: The Taylor of Old Bond Street creams use a hot pour method and are sold by weight. It is quite normal for creams made in such a way to have irregular cavity structures and for their surfaces to not be completely smooth. This does not affect the quality of the cream and should not be considered a flaw.

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