The GoodFellas Smile - Gladio - Closed Comb Safety Razor

The GoodFellas Smile - Gladio - Closed Comb Safety Razor

The GoodFellas Smile

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Safety razor with closed guard GLADIO - The Goodfellas' smile
The safety razor. Amiable companion object of many adventures. On the market we can find many brands from every corner of the globe:
from the renowned Germans, to the luxurious American safety razors, to the exceptional Japanese to the inexpensive Chinese and Korean. We can find large productions in India and England but also Spain, Portugal and Turkey can have their say with some really successful brands.
What is difficult to understand, however, is where Italy is. Country always associated with the true art of shaving.

This is how the Gladio project came to life.

The idea was to create something beautiful, precise and functional, able to reflect Italian inspiration, luxury and production capacity.
To create the closed razor head (Closed Comb) we have opted for a level of shaving depth higher than the average to allow its use both for daily use and for weekly shavings without exceeding the aggressiveness of cut.
The head is made of high quality satin-finish die-cast Zamak.

The satin aluminum handle with an extremely sophisticated design is a cross between the SteamPunk and the Motorcycle. The vertical grooves favor a firm grip even in the most complicated situations, while lightness and agility reign supreme throughout the shave.

Length of the handle: 95 mm
Weight: 60 gr

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