The Goodfellas' Smile - Wood Shaving Bowl

The GoodFellas Smile

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The Goodfellas' smile shaving bowl Made in Italy

The new spiral beard bowl The Goodfellas' smile is made of beech wood.
Each beard bowl is handmade in Italy, painted 3 times and lacquered both internally and externally to guarantee maximum durability.
Diameter: 13 cm
Diameter useful for assembly: 12 cm
Bowl Height: 6 cm
Total weight: 300 gr.

The height of the spiral beard bowl and its flare, return an excellent feeling of assembly and is comfortable to hold in the hand. The diameter of the bottom measures 12 cm.
Being these bowls of beard, produced with completely handmade methods, and given the intrinsic nature of the wood, each piece is different from the other aesthetically, presenting veins ranging from black to gold.
The manual turning on the bottom, is made to increase considerably the intake of air to the soap during the assembly, thus favoring the production of a rich and full-bodied foam. Also this being done manually on wood in counter-knot, it can have slightly "dirty" overhangs.

The choice of wood with respect to ceramics is dictated by the following reasons:
Safe to carry anywhere you go without risk of breakage
Greater general resistance
Greater elegance and lightness compared to the dimensions.

100% Italian artisan product

The Goodfellas' smile History

Born in 2011, The Goodfellas' smile has always as its main objective the satisfaction of its customers through the production of superior quality products, Made in Italy at affordable prices.
The study of shaving products (such as shaving soaps, free-hand razors and safety razors), as well as products dedicated to beard care, hair style and detergency, are made by the dedicated internal team, as well as for packaging , always satisfying and of quality.
The production of every single product The Goodfellas' smile has always been entrusted to the best local companies and is followed step by step by our internal professionals.
In everything we do, the distinctive words are passion e search. Passion in everything we do e search to give our customers maximum satisfaction when using our products.

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