AP Shave Co. - 24mm Faux Boar - Orange Resin Synthetic Shaving Brush

AP Shave Co.

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PRODUCT NAME: AP Shave Co. - 24mm Cashmere - Orange Resin Synthetic Shaving Brush


This brush contains a newer knot to the AP Shave collection, the Faux Boar. Better Splay & Less Springiness: The traditional bulb shape with shorter hairs around the edges allows for easier play and less springiness compared to "S" series brushes. 

Synthetic Alternative to Boar: If you're looking for a synthetic alternative to boar this is the closest you're going to get. The water retention, splay, backbone all lends itself to similar characteristics to boar. Since it's synthetic it'll never be quite the same of course, but for a synthetic, it's the closest available tried to boar out there.

This knot goes in perfect combination with a “golden butterscotch” handle that provides an exquisite shimmer & looks even better in person. This brush makes for an exquisite addition to any shave den. 

Knot Size: 24mm

Knot Type: Bulb

Handle Height: 59mm

Loft: 50mm

Reinforced paper shaving brush box included.

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